About Storyteller Rudolf Roos

For more than ten years, Storyteller Rudolf Roos has been telling stories. He lives in the southwest of the Netherlands, close to the sea and the beach, and he told stories from France to Germany and Denmark to Russia.

Professional Storyteller (2011 – NOW)

He discovered storytelling in 2009 while working as a primary school teacher. After courses, workshops, and coaching, he started his own self-employed company in 2011 (Roos Public Speaking & Storytelling).

Since 2015, he has earned his living as a professional storyteller. Besides 100+ performances during the year, workshops for teams, and consulting work, he is also one of the teachers at the most prominent Dutch storytelling school (Vertelacademie).

In the past five years, he has taught a four-day course on the basics of storytelling more than ten times. Recently, he conducted a three-day training specifically about storytelling with and to children.


  • Certified 3-Year Programme ‘Storytelling for a Large Audience,’ Vertelacademie (NL), 2009 – 2013
  • Dutch National Speech Champion, Toastmasters (NL), 2013
  • Young Storyteller of the Year, Stichting Vertellen (NL), 2014
  • Certified Trainer ‘Storytellers Teach Storytelling,’ Vertelacademie (NL), 2014 – 2015

Primary School Teacher (2005 – NOW)

Storyteller Rudolf Roos was a primary school teacher for seven years, mainly teaching children aged 8-10.

Since he started working full-time as a storyteller, he occasionally helped a school when they needed a teacher. He is still a certified primary school teacher.

His background in teaching and his many years of telling stories and helping children tell their stories make him one of the foremost Dutch experts in storytelling in education.


  • Certified Primary School Teacher, HAN PABO (NL), 2006-2009
  • Primary School Teacher as an Occupation, Dutch Primary School De Buitenburcht (Almere), 2009-2015

Language Proficiencies

Besides being fluent in Dutch, his native language, storyteller Rudolf Roos is also fluent in English.


  • Certificate of Proficiency in English C2 (highest level), Cambridge English, 2018

Storyteller Rudolf Roos Online Profiles


He writes a weekly email for lovers of storytelling called Three Apples. Most recent emails:


On his YouTube channel, he provides videos and stories on the art and craft of storytelling.


On Quora, he answers questions about fairy tales and oral storytelling.


He frequently posts his articles on Reddit and answers questions in the community /r/fairytales. This is his Reddit account.


Storyteller Rudolf Roos is still building his presence on LinkedIn.

English Companion Website

The companion website, International Fairy Tales, contains all fairy tales that formerly were included on this website.

Dutch Website

His website about storytelling is one of the biggest in the Netherlands: www.verhalenvertellen.nl.

Business address

Roos Public Speaking & Storytelling
Noordhoutstraat 21
4353 BK Serooskerke
The Netherlands