Can Alexa Tell Scary Stories

Can Alexa Tell Scary Stories? Siri? Google?

Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri can help you with many things. But, can they also tell you scary stories?

Alexa can tell simple scary stories. To hear her tell a scary story, say to her: “Alexa, tell me a scary story.” The scary stories she tells are short (a couple of sentences) and are suitable for children.

What about Siri? And the Google Assistant? Can they only tell short scary stories, or also longer ones? Let’s compare.

Scary stories: Alexa, Siri and Google compared

NameCompanyCan tell scary stories?Command for scary stories
AlexaAmazonYes, kid-friendly onesAlexa, tell me a scary story
SiriAppleYes, scary stories and really scary storiesSiri, tell me a scary story
Google AssistantGoogleYes, short modern variants of classic storiesGoogle, tell me a scary story
Comparison of Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant: Can they tell scary stories? What is the command to activate it?

Can Alexa tell scary stories?

Alexa can tell various scary stories. She reacts to “tell me a spooky story,” “tell me a scary story,” and other variants. Because children can often talk to Alexa, the stories she will tell are kid-friendly. So you don’t need to worry that they will scare children too much—just a little.

There are some famous moments, though, when kids got scared by Alexa, like in the recordings in this YouTube video.

Scary Alexa

Here are some other ways you can enjoy scary stories on Alexa:

  • Try the ‘Scare Me’ skill. Say, “Alexa, ask Scare Me to tell me a scary story.” You will get a short scary story in a few sentences.
  • Create your own scary story using the Alexa Halloween Blueprint. You can personalize this story by using the names of your friends or family in the story.
  • Say: “Alexa, open Ghost Adventures.” This will give you access to ghost adventures from all over the country.

Can Siri tell scary stories?

Siri can both tell simple scary stories and, when you ask, really scary stories. To hear her tell a scary story, say to her: “Siri, tell me a scary story.” The scary stories she tells are short (a couple of sentences). Say, “Siri, tell me a really scary story.” if you want something more spooky.

Do you know that Siri can also tell you her own story?

It’s not a scary story, but still quite funny. She does not give up this story easily. You will need to ask a couple of times. Say, “Tell me a story.” and keep repeating it. After some tries, she will tell you a story about an intelligent young agent named Siri, living in a virtual galaxy far, far away.

Can Google Home / Assistant tell scary stories?

The Google Home Assistant can tell various scary stories. To hear one say: “Google, tell me a scary story.” The scary stories she tells are often playing on familiar stories (like Little Red Riding Hood buying pizza calzone for the hungry wolf) and are generally kid-friendly.

Other websites note that Google Home also tells longer spooky stories for children. Say, “Hey Google, tell me a spooky story.” Google will randomly choose a scary tale from Google Play Books or Storynory and read it to you. Kid-friendly, so not really scary.

For more adult content, to hear Ghost Adventures from all over the country on Google Assistant, say: Hey, Google, talk to Ghost Adventures.

Or check out this video with some scary stories told by Google Assistant:

Final thoughts

Of course, all the modern digital assistants can tell you short scary stories. Not too scary, though. Want to know more spooky things Alexa can do for you?

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