Funny Parrot Stories

9 Funny Parrot Stories You Won’t Believe

Parrots are very intriguing animals. They talk and say funny things. Well, at least they can mimic the human voice. That leads to many funny parrot stories, both folktales, and true-life stories.

💡 As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I get a little percentage whenever you buy something after clicking one of my affiliate links. Thanks!

💡 As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I get a little percentage whenever you buy something after clicking one of my affiliate links. Thanks!

1. This parrot sees everything

There is a well-known folktale about a man who thinks his wife is cheating on him. So he buys a parrot and instructs the parrot to watch and tell him everything that happens when he is not at home.

The parrot tells him all about the other man that is visiting. Outraged, he scolds his wife.

His wife, however, has her own tricks. Will she manage to trick the parrot and regain the trust of her husband? (…)

There are many versions of this story told in different countries.

“Alexa, Turn on the Lights!”

2. I love you, Pat Myers

Pat Myers brought Casey the African Grey Parrot in her home as she was recovering from illness. Soon they became friends. “I love you, Pay Myers,” she tried to teach him. But no, Casey would not say it back to her.

Once she went away for a week. When she returned, Casey did not want to come to her anymore. (…)

3. Fate is changing

Deep in the jungle lived two parrots. They were caught and brought to the king.

Life in the palace was glorious. Great food and a lot of attention.

Then something terrible happened. A monkey was caught and became the new attraction in the palace. The parrots were forgotten. (…)

Truly the Star of the Show

4. Parrot to the rescue!

The forest was burning. Animals were running for their lives.

A parrot got away just in time, but she decided to act when she saw the destruction of the forest. She dove down in the river, bathed in the water. Then, rising out of the water, she flew back.

Through the smoke, through the fire, right into the forest center. There she let her drops of water fall.

The Gods saw her futile actions. Finally, one of them decided to tell her that the situation was hopeless. (…)

5. How to escape a golden cage?

A wealthy merchant owned a parrot, kept in a golden cage.

He went away on a trip to India one day and asked the parrot what to bring back. She answered him to tell the parrots living in India about her and her life in the golden cage.

The merchant goes to India, meets some parrots, and tells them about their family at home. Immediately one of the parrots drops dead. In tears, the merchant returns home. (…)

6. Burglar meets Jesus

A burglar breaks into a home. All is dark. All is silent.

Suddenly he hears: “Jesus is watching you.”

He waits, but nothing happens. Finally, after a few anxious minutes, he starts to move again.

Again he hears: “Jesus is watching you.” (…)

Popeye the Cockatoo loves his Puzzles

7. Intelligent parrot gets cooked

A young guy is worried that his mum is getting lonely.

After some thought, he decides to give her a parrot as a companion. Now, of course, he wants an intelligent parrot.

He manages to buy one that speaks a whopping seven languages and gives it to his mum.

Some days later, he asks what she thinks about the bird. (…)

8. Evil parrot, evil parrot

So one woman has two parrots. One of them does not like the other, who is called Paco.

One day, she is preparing a whole chicken for a roast. The parrot lands on her shoulder, looks at the dead chicken, chuckles, and says… (…)

9. Collecting screws

High in the New Zealand mountains live the Kea, mountain parrots.

Once there was a construction site close to their habitat. A group of keas came to see what was going on.

One of them delighted in collecting the screws of the carpenters. Crazy it made them. Funny enough, after they finished their construction work, they found the screws back.

They were meticulously ordered by size and shape.

Can you hear a parrot laughing in the distance? (…)

Touching books with amazing and funny parrot stories

  • The Parrot Who Owns Me (link to Amazon)
    Researcher Joanna Burger adopted a neglected thirty-year-old parrot named Tiko. In this book she tells their story, through the ups and downs of life. As a researcher, a bird lover and a human being reflecting on life.
  • Alex & Me (link to Amazon)
    Psychologist Irene Pepperberg and Alex, an African Grey parrot, became great friends. In this friendship it turns out that Alex is capable of much more than science so far believed. What shines through even more in this book is the human side, the fun, the suprises, the happiness they share together.

I hope this collection of funny parrot stories has made you want to tell stories about parrots. I think they are fascinating animals.

This article might give you some tips to start telling stories:

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