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Recommended Books

These are the books I own, can stand behind, and recommend. If you buy one and find it terrible, feel free to complain to me! – Professional Storyteller Rudolf Roos

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Oral storytelling

I own these five books and have read them multiple times, heartily recommended!

5 Best Books About Oral Storytelling

Full review of these best books about oral storytelling.

Folktale and fairy tale collections

Best Folktale Collections

As a storyteller, I am always on the lookout for great stories. The Pantheon Fairy Tale and Folklore Library collections have served me well. I own at least half of the books from this library.

Full review of The Pantheon Fairy Tale and Folkore Library.

Telling scary stories

Prepare to Scare Elizabeth Ellis

You can find a lot of tellable scary stories online. I think these two books are worth buying.

Full review of Outfoxing Fear, and Prepare to Scare.