Scary Christmas Stories

7 Short Scary Christmas Stories to Tell

Scary Christmas stories? Ask no more! I handpicked seven short scary Christmas stories for you to tell in this ‘favorite time of the year.’

The short scary Christmas stories you will find on this page are stories you can quickly adapt and tell.

No hour-long productions! These short 5-10 minute stories will leave your listeners wanting more.

1. Creepy Christmas

A first-year student arrives home. Her cousins offer to stay, but she waves them off. Nice to be alone in the house for a change.

Vaguely she noticed an unfamiliar car parked in the street.

As she sat down on the couch, she heard a knock on the front door.

She opened the door to a man, who asked: “Is that car for sale?”. His next question was: “Is there someone else home I can talk to?”.

She hastily shuts the door, hides, hears bumping and breaking as the man finds another way into the house.

Luckily her uncle arrives in time to beat him off.

2. The Grither

When his children ask for a scary story on Christmas Eve, the father tells about ‘The Grither.’ A fearsome monster, about whom it is said that he will come to get you when you don’t finish his story.

“He lives at the North Pole,” the father says, while the mother urges him to finish the story quickly.

“Of course, he’s not real,” the father says. The children beg him to finish the story.

Then two giant hands reach through the windows and pop the heads of the father and the mother. They didn’t finish his story.

3. A Spycam in My Christmas Tree

A father puts a spycam in the Christmas tree. Then, he dresses up as Santa Claus and does everything Santa is supposed to do.

The following day they watch the recording with their two little girls. They are over the moon to see Santa!

The video continues playing as they unwrap the gifts. There is one strange little box. One of the girls says that it must be from Santa’s elf.

When they look carefully at the recording, they see the elf. He bites off the head of a cookie and turns the camera off. Nobody knows what he did after that.

4. The Snowman

A man stays in a solitary cabin in the middle of a snowy forest.

He wakes up in the middle of the night and looks outside. He sees a snowman standing in the distance. Very strange, because no other people live there to make a snowman.

The next day the snowman is still there. He wakes up again during the night and sees the snowman again.

In the morning, he goes out for a closer look. Nobody is there. He knocks the snowman down.

The following night something is hitting the window…

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5. Christmas Shopping

Suppose you want a Playstation. You could not get it at the store: it sold out. You could not get it online: too expensive.

Then you spot one online for a reasonable price. You contact the seller, and he proposes to bring it to your home.

Hmm, you think, what about a public place? You reluctantly agree.

A van pulls up to your home. A man walks to your door. No Playstation to be seen.

“It’s in the car,” he says. Then, when you don’t buy his story and close the door, you hear him slamming something into the door.

Later you find a bloody knife embedded into the door.

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6. Carol Singers

My grandfather drank. My father drank. I never touched the drink.

Every Christmas evening, my father and grandfather would gather a group of friends and sing carols, house to house.

One Christmas Eve, I went with them. It was cold and snowy, and we stopped at an old, odd-looking house. Scary inhabitants of the house offer my grandfather a drink.

He drinks, but it turns out to be blood. He dies, and all of us wake up a little bit later to see the inhabitants of the house gone.

7. True, True Christmas Story

When we drive home from the restaurant where we spend Christmas Night, we stop at a gas station. Then, my family goes out to pee. I stay in the car.

Suddenly I see a man, standing in the dark, staring at me. He walks over to the car. I can’t see his face very well. Luckily my family comes back.

We drove off. At night I can’t sleep. Suddenly I hear the window breaking. I look outside and see the same man. I scream.

My dad wakes up, and we call the police. They search the surroundings and find the man.

The following day we see that the back door has been damaged. He almost got in.

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