Short Christmas Stories with Morals

11 Very Short Christmas Stories with Morals (Under 5 Minutes)

You are looking for short Christmas parables. Not too long. With a clear meaning.

No worries. Here I collected some of the best, very short Christmas stories with morals I have found online.

1. For the man who hated Christmas

Mike hated all the commercial stuff around Christmas: the overspending and finding the perfect gift stress. So I wondered what to get for my husband.

Mike coached kids and, at one match, sadly noticed that the opposing team, from a poor inner-city neighborhood, had almost no equipment at all.

When I saw his pain in the situation, I knew what to do. I bought equipment for the team and sent it to them anonymously.

On the Christmas tree, I put a small, white envelope. Inside was a note telling Mike what I had done. It brought tears to his eyes and was the highlight of that Christmas.

The white envelope returned every year after that. It ended up being the most anticipated gift of the whole family.

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2. Bernie the Reindeer

Everybody knows Rudolph, but nobody knows the second most famous reindeer in the world: Bernie the Reindeer!

Santa Claus did not know what to do with Bernie. He did not like to be outside. He was too clumsy for the toy workshop. He ate everything he cooked in the kitchen.

At last, Santa realized that Bernie was always talking. Then, in a bright flash, he realized what Bernie could do. Bernie could answer the phone! Everybody was constantly calling, and Bernie would be perfect for this role.

There’s always something that you are good at. It might take some time to figure out, though.

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3. On Santa’s Team

One Christmas, my sister told me that Santa was not real.

I told my grandmother, and she took me to the big department store. She handed me 10 dollars and the assignment to buy something for somebody in need.

I thought of a boy in my classroom who had no coat and bought a beautiful coat. We delivered it to his door with a secret note from Santa.

Since then, I have known Santa exists, and we are on his team.

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4. The Legend of the Christmas Spider and Tinsel

The children of a widowed woman take a tree into their home. However, there is no money to buy decorations for the tree. So sadly, the children went to bed.

Spiders, however, had seen the sadness of the family, and during the night, they decorated the whole Christmas tree with their webs.

The following day all family was happy, and they realized that even when they were poor, God would take care of them.

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5. The Postman Lifted Us From Depression

My father sat down outside our apartment, crying. He could not pay the bills for us anymore.

When the mailman came by, he asked him what he needed. My dad replied that he needed $33 for the following rent. The mailman gave him $50 without expecting him to pay it back.

Then he looked at me and said to my father: “When someone in the future needs your help, help them as you can and tell them what happened today.”

And that is exactly what I have done, and what you could do too.

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6. Bubbles for Christmas

My daughter received a bubble maker for Christmas. So, of course, she wanted to try it out immediately the following day.

I read in the instruction manual that it was best with a certain kind of soap called Joy. But, unfortunately, we did not have it. So in the early morning, when my daughter wanted to make bubbles, and I was tired, I could not bring myself to get this soap.

I told her that we could not make bubbles because we did not have joy. She looked at me with great, bubbling eyes. “Daddy, I have joy!!!!”

We raced to the shop, bought Joy, and bubbled all day.

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7. Our Community Came Through

There was no money for presents or Christmas delicacies. My mother had had a stroke, and all money went to the hospital.

However, on Christmas Eve, the church knocked on our door. They heard about our Christmas situation and brought us new coats and holiday treats. All because one of our neighbors had told her church about us.

It’s small things like that that can turn into significant differences in the lives of people.

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8. The Gold Wrapping Paper

His little girl used all the expensive gold wrapping paper. And on Christmas Eve, he saw that she used it all to cover a big shoebox. What a waste!

However, she came to him on Christmas and gave him the shoebox. It was her gift to him. But, when he opened the shoebox, it was empty. What?!

He looked sternly at his child and told her there needed to be something inside. She said: “Daddy, I blew kisses into it until it was filled.”

Later the child dies in an accident, and he has the gold box to remember her and comfort him.

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9. The Set of Poe

Mr. Waterby wants to buy a set of Edgar Allen Poe books for Christmas. However, when he tells his wife, she discourages him from buying the set.

He starts to wonder why she does not let him buy the set. Does she want all money for herself?

Grumpily, he decides that he also will not buy anything for her.

In the end, she gets him the Poe set as a gift. And he runs off at the last moment to get her a beautiful ring.

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10. The Gift of The Magi

On Christmas Eve, a wife discovers she has only a few dollars to buy a present for her husband. So she sells her beautiful long hair and buys a gift: a pocket watch chain.

Her husband comes home, and she gives him her gift. Jim gives Della a set of combs and tells his wife that he sold his watch to buy the combs for her.

Both received gifts they could not use, but they felt deeply loved.

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11. A Koala in the Christmas Tree

One day while the Australian family had left home, a koala sneaked inside the house. He happily climbed the Christmas tree.

When they came home, they were startled. What a lovely sight!

Animal care had to be called, though, and they came to take the koala away.

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More very short Christmas stories with morals

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