Stories of Sea and Land

As a storyteller, I want to know the stories of my area: The Stories of Sea and Land.

A Storyteller’s Quest (S01E01)

After 20 years, I moved back to where I grew up. Inspired by storyteller Martin Shaw, I decided to find the stories within walking distance.

I limit my quest to a small area, Walcheren. Walcheren is a part of Zeeland, The Netherlands.

This video shows the very beginning of this project. I’ve only walked part of the area. My office is still unfinished. However, the journey has started, and you can come along.

Let’s Find That Haunted House (S01E02)

I remembered an old story about a haunted house close to where I live. So, I dug up the book, found the scary story, walked to this city, Veere, and used the story’s clues to locate the haunted house.

At least, that was the plan. What could go wrong?

This video is not a retelling of the story; it’s about how I find the stories of my area—in this case, finding a book with local stories and reading one on location.

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