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Tell A Fairy Tale Day 2024: February 26 (Activities and Tales to Tell)

I love reading and telling fairy tales, so I am delighted to have a special Tell A Fairy Tale Day. I will tell you all about this day, share some easy fairy tales you could tell and some ‘magical’ activities you can do.

Tell A Fairy Tale Day is a worldwide day about fairy tales and telling them. It is celebrated each year on February 26. But, of course, there are also activities on the days around it. The goal is to share the love for fairy tales by telling them.

How did Tell A Fairy Tale Day start?

Once upon a time, somewhere, nobody knows where, far, far away, and still so close, Tell A Fairy Tale Day was born. The year we do not know, but the day was February 26. Since then, she has celebrated her birthday every year on that same day.

Honestly? I researched but could not find anything about the history of this day. When you do know, I would love to update the information here. Please send me a message.

Which day is Tell A Fairy Tale Day?

Tell A Fairy Tale Day is always on February 26. In 2024, February 26 is a Monday.

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11 Easy Fairy Tales You Could Tell on Tell A Fairy Tale Day

Maybe you would like to try to tell a fairy tale? Below, you will find eleven short fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm.

They are easy to tell because you know them or are short and have a clear structure. Need some help in preparing a fairy tale for telling? Check my step-by-step guide on How to Tell a Fairy Tale.

1. Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood brings wine and cake to her sick grandmother. “Don’t leave the path,” her mother says… Read more

2. The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats

“Dear children, be on your guard against the wolf. If he comes in, he will devour you—skin, hair, and all.” When the mother goat leaves with such a warning, you can only worry for the seven little goats… Read more

3. Hansel and Gretel

Their parents have no food anymore and bring their two children, Hansel and Gretel, into the forest to die. Will they ever see them again? Read more

4. Looking for a Bride

A young shepherd is looking for a bride. But the three sisters he knows are equally beautiful and lovely. And so he asks his mother for advice… Read more

5. Sweet Porridge

A poor girl and her mother have nothing to eat. Luckily, an old woman gives them a magic porridge pot to make sweet porridge… Read more

6. Rumpelstiltskin

A father boasts of his daughter that she can spin straw into gold. The king takes her away to see for himself. Luckily, Rumpelstiltskin appears to help her… Read more

7. The Golden Key

It’s freezing cold. A boy clears the ground for a fire. Suddenly, he notices a little golden key. Where there is a key, there is a… Read more

8. Fundevogel

A forester finds a child at the top of a tree. He takes this Foundling Bird, or Fundevogel, home to his daughter Lina. But the cook… Read more

9. Old Sultan

Old Sultan, the farmer’s dog, overhears that he will be killed. He is too old to scare anyone away. His friend the wolf has a plan… Read more

10. The Elves and the Shoemaker

A shoemaker has nothing left. Only the leather to make one pair of shoes. He goes to bed, and the following day, he finds the shoes finished… Read more

11. The Shepherd Boy

A shepherd boy gives a wise answer to any question asked. Will he also be able to answer the questions of the king? Read More

7 Magical Activities for Tell A Fairy Tale Day

💡 Share your activities and inspiration on social media with the hashtag #TellAFairyTaleDay

What are some of the things you can do on this day? Well, don’t get me started! There is so much you can do. 🙂

1. Tell a fairy tale

Of course, the first thing you think about is some traditional storytelling. So prepare one of the fairy tales you like (or choose one of the eleven above) and tell it as often as possible.

Remember, it’s not about perfection but enjoyment. When you love a fairy tale you tell, your listeners will feel it.

2. Read a fairy tale aloud

Search for your favorite book of fairy tales. Then, sit down with something to drink and read it out loud. For yourself or your loved ones. In school, when you are a teacher.

Make sure not to hurry your reading. Instead, take the time to listen to the fairy tale yourself. Speed up your reading when it’s exciting. Slow down when you feel the fairy tale slowing down.

3. Dress up as a fairy tale character

Do you need an excuse to dress up? This day gives you one. Gather friends, dress up as fairy tale characters, and take lovely photos. Some beautiful ones, but surely also some hilarious ones. 🙂

Plan this a little so that you will have your costume on time.

4. Organize a fairy tale party

Organize a party for adults, families, or children. And announce the theme: Fairy Tales, because it is Tell A Fairy Tale Day.

See what characters show up. Maybe you can tell a fairy tale at the beginning or the end?

5. Retreat with your favorite fairy tale book

No party for you this year. With your favorite fairy tale book and a warm cup of tea, you snuggle under the blankets.

In your safe little cave, you enjoy the story. And another one. And another one.

6. Do a fairy tale movie night

There are so many movies based on fairy tales. Some are straightforward adaptations; others share the same elements, storylines, and atmosphere.

Check out one of these highly-rated movies (links to

7. Write your own fairy tale

Have you ever wondered whether you could write your own fairy tale?

Why not try? Start with a character. Come up with a problem. How will it be solved? Tell somebody the rough version of your fairy tale, write down the first draft, and put it away.

Look at it the next day. Edit, change, work on it.

Your own fairy tale. Cool, yes?

PS: Do you know about these other two days?

National Tell A Story Day

Happy National Tell A Story Day 2024: April 27

A National Tell A Story Day? That must be when every baby is born with natural storytelling talents. But, all kidding aside, how did this day start? And how are we going to celebrate it?

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