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How to Write Fairy Tales With AI (Try for Free)

How can you use AI to write beautiful fairy tales? I tested one of the most popular tools. You might want to check it out, too (for free).

Disclosure: I am an independent Jasper Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from Jasper. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of Jasper or its parent company, Conversion AI LLC.

In the past year, I tried the old-school fairy tale generators; I was not impressed.

In this article, I try to write fairy tales with a modern AI called Jasper.

You will find my honest experimentations and opinion about using Jasper to write fairy tales below. When you use my link to try Jasper for 7 days for free, I will receive some money at no cost to you.

What to expect when using AI to write fairy tales

Let’s be blunt.

Writing great stories is hard. And while fairy tales look deceptively simple, a good fairy tale is hard to come by.

AI can help you in writing fairy tales. However, now, AI is still very dependent on your input.

It’s realistic to expect to create a decent fairy tale with AI quickly.

If you expect to turn on the machine, make a coffee, read a newspaper and come back to see your fairy tale finished… that’s not how it works yet.

Writing fairy tales using AI: Jasper

Jasper has been around for quite some time. It is one of the major AI writing programs you can use to write articles, sales copy, stories like fairy tales, and much more.

I chose to use Jasper in this example because it is one of the longest-known and best-regarded AI tools available, and you can try it for 7 days for free.

Writing a fairy tale with AI: process and screenshots

Clicking the green button above will bring you to the registration page for the free trial.

First, I entered my details (name, address, and credit card payment for when I would decide to keep using Jasper after seven days).

After confirming my email address, I skipped all the other questions Jaspers asked me.

And then I found myself in the beating heart of Jasper: the Dashboard.

I clicked on ‘Create new content.’ All the options were a little overwhelming for the first time, so I started with a template.

I typed ‘story’ into the search box and was excited to find the option to start a creative story. ‘Write wildly creative stories to engage your readers.’ Jasper told me. 🙂

Ok, Jasper, let’s go!

I decided to put in this simple fairy tale plot:

“One day, Ellen was walking in the forest when she lost the way. She came to a beautiful house with a surprising inhabitant.”

I clicked generate, and Jasper showed me a couple of stories. I liked this one the most:

A fairy tale written by AI

Ellen loved to take long walks in the woods, and on this particular day she was determined to explore as far as she could. She had been walking for hours, but soon lost her sense of direction and found herself wandering aimlessly through the trees.

Suddenly, Ellen noticed a clearing up ahead – it looked like there was something beyond the tall trees that lined the path. As she approached, Ellen saw an old Victorian-style house tucked away in a small meadow near the edge of the forest. It seemed so out of place here; its windows were brightly lit with warm yellow light which shone against its aged stone walls and peeling paintwork.

Curious about who might live in such a lonely spot, Ellen cautiously made her way towards it. When she reached the door, however, she was surprised to find no one inside – just a single white dove perched above an empty chair by the fireplace. The bird eyed her curiously as if trying to figure out why this stranger had appeared at its home unannounced!

Ellen slowly moved around each room until eventually coming upon what must have once been someone’s bedroom; there laid within it a large bed covered in dust sheets and surrounded by cobwebs…but what really caught her eye were dozens of little porcelain dolls arranged neatly across every surface like some kind of eerie shrine! Realizing that these dolls must have belonged to whoever lived here before; Ellen felt suddenly overwhelmed with sadness for them…and yet also strangely connected too – understanding how they’d experienced loneliness deep within these four walls just like her own feelings now standing outside them alone all those years later… Suddenly feeling tired from all the emotion coursing through her body; Ellen decided it best not stay any longer and quietly left without disturbing anything further.. leaving behind nothing but footprints in deep sands beneath ancient pines….

AI story generated with Jasper.AI

I played around a little more and realized that the more specific I was in the plot (you can use 1000 characters), the better the stories Jasper generated became.

I was pretty impressed with how Jasper set up the locations and imagery.

What is still lacking a bit in some of the fairy tales I generated is the dramatic development of the characters in the story. I also noticed this when I was generating fairy tales with ChatGPT.

However, this is not that bad for fairy tales because they often feature mostly flat characters.

What I really liked was Jasper giving me multiple stories for one suggestion.

For me, using this tool is a lot like playing around. Changing the prompt, the mood. It’s fun! 🙂

After playing with the stories, I wondered: Could you also make me an image of a scene in the story, Jasper?

Creating art for your fairy tales with Jasper

How nice would it be to have artful images accompany my newly generated fairy tale? Jasper also offers the possibility to generate AI art, and I decided to try it out.

I entered a part of the story into the description box and played around with some settings. These were the results:

Pretty cool, huh?

I can use these images and even generate more for other scenes. Jasper also generated the picture above this article.


After playing around for some hours with Jasper, I have only scratched the surface. I haven’t used the mobile app or the browser extension yet. I am no wizard with the prompts.

However, I am happy with the ease of use of this tool. (Only registering is a bit of a chore, the rest was very intuitive for me.)

As a storyteller, this AI tool is beneficial for me. I can see myself using it at least in the following ways:

  • brainstorming ideas for stories
  • fleshing out the imagery of a scene
  • creating artwork which helps me with forming the pictures in my head

Will this AI tool be useful for you? I don’t know. But you can find out by trying it for yourself.

I would love to hear about your experiences using AI in writing/storytelling: you can drop them in my inbox via my contact form.

Photo credits: Featured image: AI-generated image by Jasper®, other images © Jasper ®